Electronic Pianos in the CCM Library

Students and faculty may use the electronic pianos in the CCM Library Media Lab (requires personal headphones). No appointments are necessary.
(See CCML FAQs for how to find the CCM Library).

Additionally, there are 2 electronic pianos in the Piano Recording Room, off the Media Lab. On these pianos, students may record assignments or other performances. No appointments are necessary.

To access the Piano Recording Room and to borrow a recording kit:

  • The recording kits may be borrowed for use only in the Piano Recording Room:
  • If a recording kit is available to borrow:
    • Go to the CCM Library Circulation Desk and add your details to the sign-up sheet. In exchange for your UC ID, you may borrow a recording kit and the Piano Recording Room key.
    • When you finish recording, return them to the Circulation Desk. All parts of the recording kit and the key will be checked in, and your UC ID will be returned.
  • If both recording kits are in use, you may wait or come back later.
  • This help video shows how to set up the recording kit.

There are also electronic pianos available for use in Langsam Library. No appointments are necessary. (See “Mozart in the Library: Act II”.)


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