New engineering and technology e-journals

UC now has access to the many new e-journal titles, thanks to our OhioLINK statewide licenses. If you have questions, please contact Science & Engineering Ask-A-Librarian. Visit the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library website to search for other e-journals.

Here are the newly available e-journals for engineering and technology subjects.   

Cover of the journal 2D Materials 2D Materials

2D Materials™ is a multidisciplinary, electronic-only journal devoted to publishing fundamental and applied research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of graphene and related two-dimensional materials. 



Cover of the journal Advances in Applied Probability

Advances in Applied Probability 

Advances in Applied Probability contains mathematical and scientific papers of interest to applied probabilists, with emphasis on applications in a broad spectrum of disciplines, including the biosciences, operations research, telecommunications, computer science, engineering, epidemiology, financial mathematics, the physical and social sciences, and any field where stochastic modeling is used.

Cover of the journal Applied ResearchApplied Research

Applied Research is a new journal aimed at researchers at the intersection between academia and industry. It publishes original research and reviews in Materials Science, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Food Science, Applied Physics/Biophysics, Sensors/Biosensors, and Engineering. 


Cover of the journal Archives of Civil and Mechanical EngineeringArchives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 

Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering publishes both theoretical and experimental original research articles which explore or exploit new ideas and techniques in three main areas: structural engineering, mechanics of materials and materials science.


Cover of the journal BiofabricationBiofabrication

Biofabrication focuses on cutting-edge research regarding the use of cells, proteins, biological materials and biomaterials as building blocks to manufacture biological systems and/or therapeutic products. 



Cover of the journal Biological ImagingBiological Imaging

The journal publishes original reports, reviews and other article types on techniques and methods that use imaging approaches at their core and that enable discoveries and advances in biology. The scope covers, but is not limited to, microscopy, image acquisition and processing, data mining and analysis, mathematical modelling and machine learning. 

Cover of the journal Data & PolicyData & Policy

The journal publishes research examining the use of data for policy, and contributions that explore how data can be used in an ethical, responsible and efficient manner. 



Cover of the journal Data Centric EngineeringData-Centric Engineering

Data-Centric Engineering publishes research at the interface of data science and engineering – for example, civil, mechanical, aeronautical, materials, electrical, industrial, chemical. Papers will explore the benefits and implications of data science methods and models for improving the reliability, resilience, safety, efficiency and usability of engineered systems. 


Cover of the journal Design ScienceDesign Science

Design Science is an international open access journal publishing original quantitative and qualitative research in the creation of artifacts and systems, and their embedding in our physical, virtual, psychological, economic, and social environment.


Cover of the journal Experimental ResultsExperimental Results

Articles in Experimental Results include validation and reproducibility of existing findings, null results, supplementary findings, improvements or amendments to published results, as well as results that could be of importance, but for whatever reason, the researcher has not followed a particular line of questioning to produce a full narrative for a traditional paper. 


Cover of the journal FlowFlow: Applications of Fluid Mechanics  

Flow focuses on the applications of fluid mechanics to technology, natural, and medical sciences, and descriptions of the physical world.



Cover of International Journal of Microwave and Wireless TechnologiesInternational Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies

International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies is written to enhance the communication between microwave engineers throughout the world. It is therefore interdisciplinary and application oriented, providing a platform for the microwave industry.


Cover of Microscopy TodayMicroscopy Today 

Microscopy Today provides information of interest to microscopists working in all fields. Readers and authors come from the life and physical sciences. Editorial coverage spans all microscopy methods including development and applications in light microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy, ion-beam techniques, and a wide range of microanalytical methods.

Cover of Network ScienceNetwork Science 

Network Science is an interdisciplinary journal aiming to consolidate and advance the emerging discipline of the same name. Work includes surveys on mathematical, computational, empirical, and substantive aspects of the collection, analysis, modeling, and visualization of network data in any field of scientific inquiry.


Cover of powder diffractionPowder Diffraction 

Powder Diffraction, focuses on materials characterization employing X-ray powder diffraction and related techniques. With feature articles covering a wide range of applications, from mineral analysis to epitactic growth of thin films to advances in application software and hardware, this journal offers a wide range of practical applications.

Cover of Proceedings of the Design SocietyProceedings of the Design Society 

Proceedings of the Design Society publishes proceedings from the DESIGN Conference and the International Conference in Engineering Design (ICED). 



Cover of QRB DiscoveryQRB Discovery

QRB Discovery publishes new developments in the field of experimental and computational biophysics. Articles report on significant physical observations of relevance to biological systems, both experimental and theoretical, that may point towards an exciting direction, rather than the presentation of a traditional comprehensive study. 


Cover of The Aeronautical JournalThe Aeronautical Journal 

The Aeronautical Journal is the UK’s leading scientific and technical aeronautics Journal and is the world’s oldest Aerospace Journal that remains in production. Published monthly, The Aeronautical Journal draws upon the expertise and resources of The Royal Aeronautical Society providing a world-wide forum for authors from the UK and overseas.


Cover of Wearable TechnologiesWearable Technologies

Wearable technologies have a role in areas such as rehabilitation, industry, environment/exploration, injury prevention, military, diagnostics, animals, sport and leisure and this journal aims to connect research from all areas of wearable technologies. The focus of this journal will be on the design, control and mechanics of wearable technologies.