HSL Newsletter: May Updates

May Updates

This month’s newsletter is extra short but is packed with great tools to help you gear up for summer! From new resources to Read & Publish deals and learning opportunities –we have the resources to fuel learning and research. If you have workshop suggestions, questions, or comments – leave us feedback.

New HSL ResourcesHSL New Resources Libguide

For the first time in a long time, the HSL has been able to purchase a number of new titles. Explore these new resources at: https://guides.libraries.uc.edu/new_resources

Read & Publish Deals

UC libraries has a number of read and publish deals to assist with your next article publication. If one of these publishers does not meet your needs be sure to check out the UC Press’ Open Access Article Fund.

Workshops & Learning Opportunities

Library Self-Paced Modules : Canvas (self-paced). Current modules include:
  1. How to: PubMed in 30 minutes
  2. Choosing a Citation Manager (RefWorks & Zotero)
  3. Plagiarism: Why Should it Matter to You
  4. Embase: Learn the Basics FAST!
  5. Evidence Based Medicine & Searching with PICO
  6. Advanced Searching — Learn the Tricks Librarians Use!
  7. Database Searching: the Basics
  8. So you want to Conduct a Systematic Review
  9. Finding Information with HSL Resources
  10. So many resources – where to start?

There’s a Libguide for that…

Allied Health Sciences LibguideThe HSL has many libguides to help you find and access resources and tools on specific topics.
Instructors: If you need a libguide for a specific course or topic let us know! Our librarians can make a libguide to meet your needs.