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Volume 16,  Volume 16, Issue 2

UC Libraries 2016/17 Progress Report Focuses On Transforming People

progress report coverRead the University of Cincinnati Libraries 2016/17 Progress Report: Transforming People. In addition to providing an update on the news, events and stats from the previous academic year, the report celebrates UC Libraries’ most valuable resource – our people.

It is people who create a lasting impact on library operations, innovation and growth, and who implement and inspire lasting change. From essential library operations to innovative services, everything the Libraries has accomplished the past academic year is because of the hard work, dedication and creativity of our librarians and staff, as well as through the collaborations and support of students, donors, faculty, researchers and university administrators. Included in the Progress Report are news of the accomplishments and interesting work done by our librarians and staff. Throughout the report are impact statements from those researchers, faculty and students who have found value and success working with UC Libraries.

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