Volume 14, Issue 3

UC Libraries Welcomes the Newest Bearcats

orientationThis summer, Langsam Library is a busy place as over 4,000 incoming students participating in UC’s New Student Orientation visit and learn about the spaces, places and people of UC Libraries. While in Langsam, they engage in activities designed to be both entertaining and informative about the various research resources, assistance and services they can utilize when they begin classes in the fall, including the Starbucks café currently under construction and scheduled to open in August.

The students are participating in fun and interactive activities such as writing on the Information Chalkboard as they learn about how to find and evaluate research resources. They watch a video that showcases the equipment, services and assistance made available in the Student Technology Resources Center (STRC). They learn how to locate library resources in the catalog and take a walking tour of the 5th floor of the library where they find where books are located in the stacks. In addition, they learn how to print and get an introduction to the UC Libraries website.

It’s a busy hour, but the goal is to make the students comfortable with the library and aware of what UC Libraries has to offer. See you in the fall!

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