Improvements Coming to Langsam Group Study Rooms

groupstudyRenovations are underway to the 5th- floor group study rooms in Langsam Library to bring more light, technology and enhanced physical connection to the library.

This renovation will include demolition of the wall on the east (book stacks) side of the rooms and installation of a full glass wall and doors.  There will also be a large viewing window installed for each room on the west (atrium) side of the rooms.  Each group study room will receive a wall-mounted 60” LCD display screen with wireless projection capabilities for laptops, tablets and other personal devices.

Please pardon the noise and dust as we are making improvements!

During the renovation, group study rooms 502-505 are unavailable. Please feel free to use other group study rooms located throughout Langsam Library.

Available Group Study Rooms in Langsam:

4th Floor- 3 temporary rooms in brick alcoves along windows
5th Floor- rooms 510-521, 541-544, & 559
6th Floor- rooms 602-606, 621, & 659

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work to continuously improve Langsam Library.