UC Bicentennial Publishing Plans Gearing Up

By:  Kevin Grace

Football playersIn 2019, the University of Cincinnati will celebrate its 200th birthday, and for the past two years the UC Bicentennial Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives to celebrate and commemorate this momentous event.  One aspect of the bicentennial endeavors is directed by the Spirit of History Committee.  Chaired by longtime UC benefactor and former member of the Board of Trustees, Buck Niehoff, the committee’s plans are for two complementary publications.

taft with brothers_2The first publication is a scholarly history of the university by David Stradling, professor of history.  Dr. Stradling will focus on UC’s relationship to the city of Cincinnati throughout its history.  The second volume, edited by Greg Hand, will be a collection of diverse essays that begin with a facet of University of Cincinnati history and expand it to where it has relevance and meaning to any reader, not just those who are connected to UC in some way.  To that end, Hand is soliciting ideas for essays and invites anyone to submit a proposal by linking to this web page:    http://www.uc.edu/content/dam/uc/Bicentennial/docs/6034-Spirit-of-History-Essay-form.pdf.   The form provides details on the style the essays will take.  It can also be printed out and mailed to potential authors.

Printing Press Motif Blegen LibraryThe intent is that whether essays are ultimately selected for the volume or not, they will find a place in the Bicentennial celebration.  The website for this 200th birthday will continue to expand over the next few years to include stories, memories, images, and a host of other chronicles of UC’s heritage.  For the two volumes, which are expected to be released in 2018, one plan is to package them as a boxed set.  The Bicentennial publications program also has office space in the Archives & Rare Books Library.  For more information about the Spirit of History Committee’s endeavors, please email Greg Hand at greg.hand@uc.edu.

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