ARB’s “50 Minutes” Series Return Next Week

By:  Kevin Grace

The Archives & Rare Books Library will usher in its 7th year of the “50 Minutes” lunchtime talks this August with “A Skeleton, Some Lions, Pigeons, and Gods! The Seldom-Noticed Art in UC Architecture.”

The talk is scheduled for Thursday, August 25, at 12 noon in 814 Blegen and as always, the “50 Minutes” presentations are very informal and conversational.  Bring your lunch, relax, ignore the clock on the wall which is invariably an hour behind (though we may climb on top of the piano beneath it and change the battery this year), and enjoy a look at the history and culture of the “hidden” campus.  Not advertised in the title, we will also be looking at semi-naked people in the architecture.

50 minute talk, August 2016

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the days on which we hold the presentations will vary but will always be at noon.  Some of the other slated talks are:

William Howard Taft and the 1908 Presidential Election

Caricatures of Ohio Presidents

The University of Cincinnati and World War I

Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone, and the Fear of Books & Reading


And more!

Please join us in August and the following months throughout fall and spring semesters.



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