• Xuemao Wang
    Volume 14, Issue 3

    A Note from the Dean: IFLA Comes to Cincinnati

    This August, the International Federation of Libraries (IFLA) will host their yearly conference in Columbus, Ohio. Last fall, I posted about my experience at the IFLA conference in South Africa. While at the time I knew that UC would be involved in some of the conference events this summer, I am excited to tell you now in more detail what is coming and what role UC Libraries and I will play in welcoming these international visitors. The first of two IFLA related events will take place at the Walter C. Langsam Library when we host the Knowledge Management (KM) section of IFLA for their pre-IFLA satellite conference on August 12.…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 14,  Volume 14, Issue 2

    A Note From the Dean: Finding the Talent

    Finding the Talent: Building Capacity through Organizational Strategy and Partnerships with the Broader University Community One of the objectives of our Strategic Plan is to “develop a diverse workforce that…possesses broad and varied knowledge and skill sets, job categories, backgrounds, ideas and perspectives that create opportunities to engage colleagues and institutions within and beyond UC Libraries and the university in support of our mission and vision.” In 2014-15, UC Libraries welcomed 11 new staff members. Some of these positions were created to drive our Libraries’ strategic directions forward, while others support the core functions and responsibilities that keep our libraries running. Finding and recruiting this new talent to UC Libraries…

  • sparc
    Volume 14,  Volume 14, Issue 2

    Dean Wang Joins SPARC Steering Committee

    Xuemao Wang, dean and university librarian, has been selected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), a group that advocates for open access, open education and open data. SPARC is a global coalition of 200+ academic and research libraries that works to enable open sharing of research output and educational materials in order to “democratize access to knowledge, accelerate discovery and increase the return on investment in research and education.” To achieve this mission, SPARC collaborates with authors, publishers, libraries, students, policymakers and the public to build opportunities and promote changes to make open access the default for research and education. “SPARC’s…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 14,  Volume 14, Issue 1

    A Note from the Dean: An Update on UC Libraries’ Strategic Initiatives

    Last May, the University of Cincinnati Libraries launched our Strategic Plan. Strategic plans are common in organizations today, both in the public and private sector. They set priorities, create a strategy and help companies identify a common direction to pursue. And while the thoughtful creation of a strategic plan is incredibly important, so is its implementation. For the first year of UC Libraries’ Strategic Plan we set ambitious goals, including last fall the launch of 10 strategic initiatives. These initiatives are managed by faculty and staff across our library system, and are created with the sole purpose of fulfilling our mission to “empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 13, Issue 4

    A Note from the Dean: A Busy Year in Review

    The 2014-15 academic year has been one of exploration, innovation and collaboration for UC Libraries. The launch of the Strategic Plan has contributed greatly to our success with its ten initiatives along with a wide range of events and activities created and sponsored by library faculty and staff throughout our libraries. The initiatives are all focused on the same goal, to make UC libraries the globally connected intellectual hub of the university. Below is a small sampling of those successes. More information on the ten strategic initiatives is available online. ____________________________ Scholar@UC One of the ten strategic initiatives was to create the next generation digital repository. Named scholar@uc, it successfully…

  • CQ visit
    Volume 13, Issue 3

    An Interview with the Dean

    In October 2013, the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) finalized an agreement with Chongqing University (CQU), a national university in southwest China, to develop a partnership between the two universities and to bring UC’s highly successful co-op model to China. Because of his background and expertise in global partnerships, and his established connections in Chongqing, Xuemao Wang, dean and university librarian, has been extremely involved in establishing this partnership. With his additional role as special advisor to the President and the Provost on China Initiatives, and as a member of UC’s International Working Group and of the Advisory Committee for the China Strategy Group with…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 13, Issue 1

    A Note from the Dean

    Welcome to Source Online. Source, UC Libraries newsletter, published its first issue in winter 2002. Since that time, a lot has changed in both UC Libraries as well as in the world of libraries. No longer are libraries viewed as just storehouses of books. While access to information is still a cornerstone of what we do, more and more, libraries are becoming integral partners in the creation, access, interpretation and preservation of knowledge. Although students, faculty and researchers still come to our libraries to check out books and access our electronic resources online, they also use our facilities to work in groups on projects, to create videos, multimedia and digital objects for enhancing e-learning, to see…