• Xuemao Wang
    Volume 15,  Volume 15, Issue 1

    A Note from the Dean: Reappointment as Dean and University Librarian

    Editor’s Note: We were extremely pleased this summer when the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees approved the reappointment of Dean Xuemao Wang for a term of five years effective July 1, 2017. Every five years, per board rule, university deans participate in a decanal review. This is a thorough procedure that evaluates their leadership as perceived by their fellow deans, UC leadership, and their respective college’s faculty and staff. In enthusiastically recommending Dean Wang’s reappointment, the librarian and staff review committees recognized his outstanding leadership, advocacy, and vision for UC Libraries to become the globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university—positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation,…

  • the desk@langsam
    Volume 14,  Volume 14, Issue 2

    Making a Good First Impression: Recent Entrance Renovations

    Recent renovations involving the entrances of two UC Libraries locations are providing improved visibility and ease of service to users. February 12 saw the completion of the renovation to The Desk@Langsam, a project to combine two service desks into one, thus simplifying point-of-service for users. The renovation is part of other Langsam 400 level projects currently underway, which include the updated Learning Commons, a central space for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Popular Reading Collection, dual-boot public computers, more BYOD space, wrapping of the concrete columns to provide additional way finding and a Starbucks café. It was a joint initiative of the Office of the Senior Vice…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 14,  Volume 14, Issue 1

    A Note from the Dean: An Update on UC Libraries’ Strategic Initiatives

    Last May, the University of Cincinnati Libraries launched our Strategic Plan. Strategic plans are common in organizations today, both in the public and private sector. They set priorities, create a strategy and help companies identify a common direction to pursue. And while the thoughtful creation of a strategic plan is incredibly important, so is its implementation. For the first year of UC Libraries’ Strategic Plan we set ambitious goals, including last fall the launch of 10 strategic initiatives. These initiatives are managed by faculty and staff across our library system, and are created with the sole purpose of fulfilling our mission to “empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge…

  • desk sketch
    Volume 13, Issue 4

    Enhancing Library Spaces

    One of the four pillars of UC Libraries Strategic Plan is Space. The goal of this pillar is to “transform the concept and use of learning spaces managed by the library.” Through the work of our Strategic Plan, UC Libraries will be recognized as the intellectual hub for students, faculty, researchers and scholars by providing engaging digital and physical environments, as well as powerful new tools and services that spark inquiry, support analysis and ignite discovery and scholarship as well as prepare emerging generations for lives of ongoing discovery. This summer, several construction projects are underway that will allow UC Libraries to create exciting and innovative ways to deliver library…

  • Sean Crowe
    Volume 13, Issue 4

    UC Libraries Welcomes New Bearcats

    This summer, Langsam Library is a busy place as over 4,000 incoming students participating in UC’s New Student Orientation visit and learn about the spaces, places and people of UC Libraries. While in Langsam, they engage in activities designed to be both entertaining and informative about the various research resources, assistance and services they can utilize when they begin classes in the fall. The students are participating in fun and interactive activities such as writing on the Information Chalkboard as they learn about how to find and evaluate resources. They watch a video that showcases some of the projects produced by fellow UC students with the services and assistance made…

  • strategic plan
    Volume 13, Issue 1

    Implementing the Strategic Plan

    In May 2014, the University of Cincinnati Libraries launched our Strategic Plan. The plan defines our mission to “empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge by connecting students, researchers and scholars to dynamic data, information and resources.” It announces bold objectives under four pillars of Digital Technologies & Innovation, People, Space and Data to Information to Knowledge. By meeting these objectives, we will achieve our vision to become the “globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university – positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation and scholarly endeavor on campus.” As the first step in the implementation of our Strategic Plan, we will undertake 10 initiatives…

  • Xuemao Wang
    Volume 13, Issue 1

    A Note from the Dean

    Welcome to Source Online. Source, UC Libraries newsletter, published its first issue in winter 2002. Since that time, a lot has changed in both UC Libraries as well as in the world of libraries. No longer are libraries viewed as just storehouses of books. While access to information is still a cornerstone of what we do, more and more, libraries are becoming integral partners in the creation, access, interpretation and preservation of knowledge. Although students, faculty and researchers still come to our libraries to check out books and access our electronic resources online, they also use our facilities to work in groups on projects, to create videos, multimedia and digital objects for enhancing e-learning, to see…

  • laptop bar
    Volume 13, Issue 1

    Sitting Smart in Langsam Library

    In the evolving world of modern academic libraries, change is a constant. The Walter C. Langsam Library is no exception. In 2013, the Student Technology Resources Center (STRC) experienced major renovations, which resulted in a dynamic space that is now a highlight of the library’s 4th floor. This year, library enhancements focused on furnishing comfortable, well lit, technology-friendly and functional study areas. Modular, lounge-style furniture was installed on the busy 4th floor of the library, providing students with soft seating equipped with outlets to power their electronics while they study. A laptop bar was created from re-purposed shelving and mounted at counter height for students to use, and additional seating…