OSF FOR UC is here

The Researcher Services group, an initiative of UC Libraries with the IT@UC R&D Team, is pleased to announce a new tool for research projects: OSF for UC.

There is no cost to use OSF for UC.  OSF, or the Open Science Framework, an open-source workflow tool appropriate for any discipline and developed by the Center for Open Science.

OSF for UCosf.uc.edu — is UC’s portal for students, faculty, staff and others who need to manage project files and documents.  Sign-in is easy – go to osf.uc.edu, sign in, choose University of Cincinnati, then your UC 6+2 Central Login.

Through OSF, project teams can assign collaborators (internal and external to UC) and share project documents at a granular level (only share what you want, with whom you want).  Projects managed through the OSF are private by default.  Any or all parts of a project can be made public as desired or required by grant funders or others. 

As shown in the image above, OSF integrates with many other research workflow tools and storage services you may already use, including UC Box.  OSF for UC can be your one-stop home for managing output from your collaborative research projects.

A webinar on the OSF platform will be held on Thursday, June 1, 2017 from 10am-11am.  Learn more about managing your workflow, collaborating, version control, archiving your data, and connecting with other tools with as Box, Github, and more. Register for the webinar at goo.gl/ZsXvTj.

Sample OSF Projects in Arts/Humanities and STEM fields that are publicly available:

The mission of the Center for Open Science is to enhance transparency, foster collaboration, and increase the visibility of research.

The Center works to achieve its mission through the development of products like the OSF and providing support such as statistical consulting.

Have questions or need consultation on managing your project through OSF?  Contact Science Informationist, Amy Koshoffer koshofae@ucmail.uc.edu.

Tel:        (513) 556-1310
Email:    amy.koshoffer@uc.edu
Web:     http://libraries.uc.edu/digital-scholarship/data-services.html

OSF for UC: http://osf.uc.edu