Curious about the library/information studies profession? UC Libraries seeks racially/ethnically under-represented candidates for paid internship.

library student workersUniversity of Cincinnati Libraries, in cooperation with OhioLINK, is seeking racially/ethnically under-represented candidates interested in an internship with UC Libraries. This position requires a full academic-year commitment (fall, spring and possibly summer semesters) and the ability to work 10-15 hours per week. The internship includes orientation, departmental rotations and working with a mentor. Interns will participate in professional development sessions coordinated throughout the internship.

These paid, resume-building positions offer student interns hands-on experience and a broad introduction to the information studies profession—its purpose, reach and expertise. Students are paired with a mentor to explore and gain valuable knowledge in the field and to develop marketable skills that are extendable to a variety of career disciplines. This program provides experiential learning, valuable training and professional support within a structured work environment. OhioLINK interns around the state will be given the opportunity to network and collaborate via an agreed-upon capstone project, if desired.

To apply for a library internship, complete the online application.

This internship is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative sponsored by OhioLINK that offers students a unique, paid learning opportunity within their campus library unlike traditional internships or other part-time campus employment. No previous experience is required and it is not necessary to be considering information studies or librarianship as a career to apply for this position.

Position Description

The student will gain working knowledge of library culture and how libraries operate while developing marketable skills based on their own career aspirations. Interns will have the opportunity to experience different aspects of library and information work.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries’ intern will be required to do a final reflective project that will be discussed and agreed upon with their mentor. There can be flexibility in the format of delivery. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least sophomore standing, with 2 or more semesters remaining.
  • Completed recommendation form from someone such as an instructor, mentor or supervisor that can speak to the student’s potential to succeed in a library work environment.
  • Ability to commit to an internship for one academic year.

Pay Rate

$14.00 per hour

Work Schedule

10-15 hours per week for one academic year. Typical work hours will fall between 8:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday, but may vary.

About the OhioLINK Library Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

OhioLINK is Ohio’s academic library consortium, connecting 88 libraries in 117 colleges and universities. OhioLINK is committed to a future of librarianship that reflects the needs, culture, composition, and ambitions of its communities, and believes in the power of committed, consistent, systemic change. The OhioLINK Library Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative seeks to create and promote career opportunities in librarianship, information studies, and data sciences to individuals from under-represented populations. The Initiative aims to identify and encourage diverse candidates for Ohio’s libraries and library-related industries that are more representative of the state’s population, while also encouraging and supporting efforts towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion at the library level. University of Cincinnati Libraries is partnering with OhioLINK and other university libraries throughout the state to provide an undergraduate internship for our students.