LiBLOG Considered Among the Best in Cincinnati

How pleased we bloggers at UC Libraries were to learn that our very own LiBLOG, the UC Libraries blog, made Cincinnati Magazine’s “Best of Cincinnati, 2011” list. Below is the entry:

Peek into the Archives – OK, we’re geeks. We love LiBlog, the UC libraries blog. When Kevin Grace shared a postcard from his personal collection showing the original University Building on the eve of its demolition, we were charmed beyond reason. Why? As Kevin writes: “Before demolition, a UC alum with fond memories of his alma mater requested of a friend that some bricks be sent to him. When he received them, Joseph Strauss placed them in a pylon of a bridge he was building. So, there is a little bit of UC’s heart in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.” Go ‘cats, indeed.

It’s gratifying to know that our efforts to showcase the happenings of UC Libraries are being read and appreciated. Over the last year, LiBLOG has included the Alma mater anecdote referenced above by Kevin Grace; two extensive series on the collections of community leader and Civil Rights advocate Theodore Berry and Albert B. Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine; in addition to numerous posts about library events, news, and changes to services.

Keep visiting LiBLOG and we promise to keep blogging.

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