Discover Experimental Techniques: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE)

Journal of Visualized Experiments

Through a shared subscription of the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library and Health Sciences Library, UC researchers now have have access to the online Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE).  JOVE consists of “video articles” that capture biological, medical, chemical, and physical research and experimental techniques.

Our subscription includes 3 sections:

At this time, the subscription does not include the Clinical and Translational Medicine, Immunology and Infection or Applied Physics sections.  Note: you can preview approximately 30 seconds of unsubscribed videos before a message appears stating that it is not part of our subscription.

This resource is also linked from the CEAS Library “Journals Online” page: and the Health Sciences Library eJournals page   If you have any questions or feedback about JOVE, please contact Ted Baldwin, Head of CEAS Library, at or Edith Starbuck, Health Sciences Librarian, at