Shake it Up with Shakespeare This Weekend!

By:  Sydney Vollmer

henry_v_act2_sc5So what are you doing tonight?  Tomorrow night?  This weekend?   Maybe you’ve already got your next few days filled up.  That’s okay, because the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company will still have showings of Henry VI: The Wars of the Roses, Part 1 up through February 13th!  (And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the cheating game on KISS107 in the mornings).  This show is all about actual war.

Following the story of Henry V, the infant Henry VI is set to inherit the crown of his father, whose death comes far too soon.  The tragedy sends the land (that’s England to youse guys) into utter chaos with enemy families warring for the throne.  This is the first in a three part story that will enthrall you and keep you wanting more.  Make sure to buy your tickets now before they run out! To learn more, visit the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at  and to learn more about the Archives & Rare Books Library’s celebration of Shakespeare’s quadricentennial, see our website at


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