Hunting the Bard

By:  Sydney Vollmer

Do you like games? Are you good at finding things? (We’re looking at you, Hufflepuffs!) Know any Shakespeare? GREAT! Join us in our Shakespeare Quote Scavenger Hunt!

On Tuesday, March 29th, we hid 5 Shakespeare Quotes around campus. They could be anywhere! Here’s the idea: You follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-date clues. You find one of the quotes we hid. You bring it to the Archives and Rare Books Library on the 8th floor of Blegen. You tell us the Shakespearean work the quote is from. We give you a prize! (And these are good prizes. You want it. Yes. YOU.)

Here are the clues we’ve given so far…Each number corresponds to a different quote and location.

#1. Don’t swallow this quote. Chew on it a bit. Grab a bite and then go up to sit.

Shakespeare Hunt #1

#2. Maybe you’ve read about a king or two here. Most likely not. This building is probably not where you are often near.

Shakespeare Hunt #2

#3. Maybe a job is what you’re looking for. Whatever it is, you’ll find it on the second floor.

Shakespeare Hunt #3

#4. This person wasn’t happy. Cranky, some might say. Without your morning coffee, you might get this way.

Shakespeare Hunt #4

#5. Studying is hard. Roommates are loud. Come on over to my place. There isn’t much of a crowd.