Search Library Resources in New Ways and New Places

Ever wish you could take the library with you? With the aid of a library widget and toolbars now offered by the University of Cincinnati Libraries, you can take key library resources and services wherever you study or research. 

The Libraries now offer widgets and Internet browser toolbars for use while conducting research online. Once installed, these tools provide quick access to useful library links, the UC Library Catalog, key article databases, online journals, UC resources, and more. These tools will be especially helpful for UC users who perform library research at locations away from campus.

The Libraries’ widget, a self-contained application embedded into a personal Web page on Facebook or iGoogle, provides quick and easy access to frequently used library search engines, collections, library help, and off-campus access information.

The Internet toolbar allows users to perform quick searches of the UC Library Catalog and other major library databases, as well as link to other library and UC applications. Toolbars are currently available for the Internet browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

To download library widgets and toolbars, or for more information, visit Work continues to develop these research tools. To submit suggestions, comments and questions or to complete a survey asking for input, please go to