Langsam Library Exhibit Features Graphic Novels

By Janice Schulz

You would probably not be surprised to learn that UC Libraries hold copies of Malcolm X’s biography, Fahrenheit 451, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Treasure Island. What might surprise you, however, is that these are all titles of graphic novels. A new exhibit currently on display on the fourth floor of Langsam Library features these and many of the other graphic novels available in UC Libraries’ collections. The exhibit was curated by Janice Schulz, University Records Manager and Archives Specialist, and designed by Cole Osborn, former design student.

While in the past they were more widely known as the format for superhero stories, graphic novels now enjoy a wide fan base and span a large range of genres, including biography, history, traditional fiction, adventure, and general nonfiction. A standard definition of “graphic novel” tends to be elusive and is much debated among the fans of this literary type, but generally they are stories told with images and text working together to tell a full-length tale, unlike comic books that tell only short stories or snippets.

Graphic novels are also being used increasingly in the classroom to encourage reading and promote both visual and literary learning. The College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services Library has a nice collection of graphic novels for children and young adults as well as reference books on teaching with graphic novels and guides.

Copies of a bibliography are available at the exhibit and copied below.

Graphic Novels Selected Bibliography


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Traditional Novels 

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Graphic Novels in the Classroom 

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