UC Libraries and IT@UC Host Data and Computational Science Series

DCSThe University of Cincinnati Libraries and IT@UC Research & Development and are pleased to announce the Data & Computational Science Series (DCS2) 2018, a speaker series supported by a Universal Provider award from UC’s Office of the Provost for faculty development.

The first speaker in the series, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, March 22 and 23, in the Walter C. Langsam Library room 475, will be led by Jeremy Fischer, a senior technical advisor from Indiana University’s Information Technology Services, who will host sessions on Jetstream. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Jetstream is a user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers and students access to computing and data analysis resources on demand — from their tablets, laptops or desktop computers. People interact with the system through a menu of “virtual machines” designed to support research in many disciplines including biology, atmospheric science, earth science, economics, network science, observational astronomy and social sciences. http://jetstream-cloud.org

About the workshops:

Introduction to Jetstream presentation with Q&A

10-11:30 a.m., Thursday, March 22, Walter C. Langsam Library, room 475 (Lecture – HSL Training Courses) #133132

Jetstream Atmosphere Hands-on Jetstream

Workshop:  Jetstream Atmosphere Hands-On Workshop
Description: NSF’s Jetstream Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform comprised of two geographically isolated clusters, each supporting hundreds of virtual machines and data volumes. The two cloud systems are integrated via a user-friendly web application that provides a user interface for common cloud computing operations, authentication to XSEDE via Globus, and an expressive set of web service APIs. Jetstream enables on-demand access to interactive, user-configurable computing and analysis capability. It also seeks to democratize access to cloud capabilities and promote sharable, reproducible research. This event will describe Jetstream in greater detail, as well as how its unique combination of hardware, software, and user engagement support the “long tail of science.”

Prerequisite for the hands on portion: Laptop with browser (pref. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Morning Session:
9 a.m.-noon, Friday, March 23 – Session 1: Walter C. Langsam Library room 475: Jetstream Atmosphere Hands-on Jetstream (Lecture – HSL Training Courses) #134814

Afternoon Session:
1-4 p.m., Friday, March 23 – Session 1: Walter C. Langsam Library room 475: Jetstream Atmosphere Hands-on Jetstream (Lecture – HSL Training Courses) #134814