UC Libraries and IT@UC Host Data and Computational Science Series

DCSThe University of Cincinnati Libraries and IT@UC Research & Development and are pleased to announce the Data & Computational Science Series (DCS2) 2018, a speaker series supported by a Universal Provider award from UC’s Office of the Provost for faculty development.

The first speaker in the series, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, March 22 and 23, in the Walter C. Langsam Library room 475, will be led by Jeremy Fischer, a senior technical advisor from Indiana University’s Information Technology Services, who will host sessions on Jetstream. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Jetstream is a user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers and students access to computing and data analysis resources on demand — from their tablets, laptops or desktop computers. People interact with the system through a menu of “virtual machines” designed to support research in many disciplines including biology, atmospheric science, earth science, economics, network science, observational astronomy and social sciences. http://jetstream-cloud.org

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Jerry Sheehan Post’s on Federally Funded Research Results and Accessibility

At the close of the 8th Open Access Week, Jerry Sheehan of the White House Office of Science And Technology Policy blogged about the impact of openly accessible research findings, especially federally funded research.

Three more agencies have announced public access plans (Department of Education (ED), Agency for International Development, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)), bringing the total to 19.  A good resource for understanding the requirements of the plans is the  the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition – http://sparcopen.org/ and the data sharing resource http://datasharing.sparcopen.org/ available through SPARC.

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Nature Asks – Where are the data?

Starting in October, researchers publishing in Nature and 12 other Nature titles will have include information on whether and how others can access the data supporting the article.  This means authors will need to compose a Data Availability Statement.  The full policy is available at go.nature.com/2bf4vqn) and more information is on the Nature blog.

Scholar@UC, our own institutional repository, would be the right tool to help comply with this new policy.  If you need more information or help with access to Scholar@UC please Contact the Scholar@UC Team or a UC Libraries informationist.

Tiffany Grant PhD,  Research Informationist at tiffany.grant@uc.edu

Don Jason Clinical Informationist at don.jason@uc.edu

Amy Koshoffer Science Informationist at amy.koshoffer@uc.edu