The Passing of Henry Heimlich (1920-2016)

The Winkler Center was saddened over the weekend to learn of the passing of Dr. Henry J. Heimlich. In lieu of writing another obituary or quick biography like the ones that can be read here at the Cincinnati Enquirer or at the New York Times, we have decided simply to post some images of Dr. Heimlich and also information about his papers here at the Winkler Center.

Dr. Heimlich was a great friend to the Center and donated his collection of professional papers to the archive in 2011. The collection consists of photographs, audiovisual material, correspondence, notes, reports and press information concerning Dr. Heimlich’s many medical accomplishments like the reversed gastric tube procedure, the Heimlich maneuver, the Heimlich lung valve, the Heimlich micro-trach and malaria-therapy as treatment for cancer, HIV/AIDS and Lyme disease.  As one would imagine there is an abundance of valuable information in this collection.  Of special interest are the many thank-you notes and correspondence he received from those whose lives were saved by his maneuver, including President Ronald Reagan.  To learn more about the Henry J. Heimlich Collection visit the Henry J. Heimlich Archival Collection finding aid. Or to learn more about the life of Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, please view an oral history with him that was recorded in December, 1984. All of the images below were taken from the Heimlich Archival Collection.