Student Art in the Library

For the 2018-19 semesters, the Clermont College Library is pleased to exhibit the art of Caitlyn Richey and Trent McFarland.

Caitlyn shared her thoughts about her artistic process, “ ‘The power of imagination makes us infinite.’ At the beginning, developing the basic materials and ideas for the work is deeply reflective and informative. Later, by bringing materials together I begin to form a-distilling and shaping movement, creating a context, working toward something that feels cohesive and complete and creating a story that tells itself, that is what is powerful to me—and it is the spark that inspires my infinite imagination.”

Trent McFarland’s professor, Kelly Frigard, spoke about him, “Trent is a student artist interested in sea and marine life.  In Drawing II, he worked on this series of oil pastels exploring texture, color, and form.” We hope you enjoy his drawings in this series.

Come check out the student art in the library’s Student Art Spotlight throughout the 2018-19 semesters.  As always, we thank Fine Arts faculty Kelly Frigard and Kim Taylor for their dedicated support of the Student Art Spotlight since 2015. We also thank Terri Teague for organizing and installing the show.

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager