New Book Spotlight: Under the Broken Sky

Under the Broken Sky / by Mariko Nagai / 2019

Under the Broken Sky by Mariko Nagai is a historical fiction set in the Empire of Manchuria at the end of World War II. The novel, written in verse, follows sisters Natsu and Asa as they seek refuge after their village was attacked by the Soviet Union. For Natsu, the most important thing is keeping her sister safe at all costs, even if it means selling her.

This novel offers readers a glimpse into the life of refugees and how quickly their lives can be turned upside down and completely changed forever. The novel also allows a rare look into how the Axis powers lived during World War II and how they were treated after war officially ended.

Nagai intricately created poems to represent the importance of family and hope during tumultuous times, and easily pulls at the heartstrings of her audience.

Under the Broken Sky is available from CECH Library, as well as the OhioLINK and Search Ohio lending networks.

Review by Alice Somers (she/her), CECH Library Student Assistant | Secondary English Education, CECH 2025