Stay Safe Online

As Clermont College students you’re required to use the internet. Research, social media, and music are some of the ways you interact with the computer. Have you thought about whether the sites you visit are safe or whether the email you open might infect your computer with a virus?

girl at computer

As you cruise online, please be aware of the dangers:

  • Viruses-infect your computer (a crashed computer is a useless computer)
  • Spam-junk mail (who needs more of that)
  • Phishing-collects personal information you don’t want to share (think bank account, social security number)
  • Hacked accounts-send spam from your address to your friends in order to steal information (among other things)

The list could go on, but you get the picture. For tips on how to prevent online attacks visit Stay Safe Online.

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Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager