From the desk of … Kellie Tilton

Hi! Welcome to my apartment! It’s small and I share it with an opinionated cat, but I’m enjoying taking advantage of the natural light, the nearby caffeine sources and the ability to use different setups depending on my mood!

From the Virtual Desk of … Lauren Wahman

I’m Lauren Wahman, Information Literacy and Instruction Coordinator, and here’s a virtual tour of my home office spaces.

From the Virtual Desk Of … Elizabeth Hartlaub

Today’s tour is hosted by Elizabeth Hartlaub, Library Operations Manager. 

My work from home “office” is several different places depending on my mood or the day!   

Everyone moves around during the day to a few main areas of the house, the art studio on the second floor, the front room of the first floor, and outside to the patio when the weather permits. 

Thanks for joining me on my work from home tour! 

From the Virtual Desk Of…Pam Adler

This week, we visit Pam Adler, Public Services Assistant and her tiny co-worker, Jackson.

From the Virtual Desk of…Heather Maloney

The latest From the Virtual Desk Of…Heather Maloney, leads us to our Library Director’s virtual workspace.


by Heather Maloney

Special Edition: From the Virtual Desk of … UCBA Student Assistants

The library faculty and staff are not the only ones working from home. Our student workers have also been working remotely in addition to continuing their studies online from home.

Bre's desk

Bre’s study and work space.


Student Worker: Bre

Major: I am an electronic media technology major

Time at UCBA Library: I’ve been with the library for about 11 months

Description: Unless weather permits sitting outside, I work at my desk, surrounded by a few of my favorite things.









Casey's desk

Casey’s study and work space.

Student Worker: Casey

Major: I am double majoring in English and History.

Time at UCBA Library:

Description: Unless weather permits sitting outside, I work at my desk, surrounded by a few of my favorite things. My dog’s name is Kibo. I thought Kibo was a cool name and later learned that it means “hope” in Japanese.

From the Virtual Desk of … Michelle McKinney

The next From the Virtual Desk Of… tour brings you to my home office. I’m Michelle McKinney, Reference and Web Services Librarian, and I share an office with my husband, Keith, and two sons, Kam and Jameson. I’m usually stationed at the desk throughout the day while my coworkers come and go. It’s been really nice to get time back that was lost to commuting so our days get off to a much smoother start. It’s also nice to have windows and sunlight in the office (although I do daydream a bit more as I’m often watching squirrels, rabbits and neighbors moving about outside).

From the Virtual Desk of….Christian Boyles

Like all of us, the Librarians and Staff at the UCBA Library have settled into a new routine of working at home.  We invite you to see how we keep the (virtual) lights on at the Library while still providing support to our UCBA community.

I’m Christian Boyles, the Collection Services Manager at your UCBA Library.  Here’s a quick tour of my new workspace.

Thanks for stopping by my office and I hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and I hope to see you soon again in the Library.

by Christian Boyles