From the Desk of…Lauren Wahman, Instruction Program Coordinator

The next stop on our tour of offices finds us at the doorstep of Lauren Wahman, Instruction Program Coordinator at UCBA Library.

From The Desk Of…Julie Robinson, UCBA Library Operations Manager

From the desk of Julie Robinson, UCBA’s Library Operations Manager. She has turned her cozy cubicle into a mini pop culture museum filled with the coolest items.

From the Desk of…Heather Maloney, UCBA Library Director

The latest edition of the From The Desk Of… series gives us a closer look into the office space of UCBA Library Director, Heather Maloney.



Enchantment with a Touch of Mystery


Madison Keith

Spotlight on student art work at the Clermont College Library.

Madison Keith’s portraits of women reflect the mood of the seasons. Her use of color and unexpected natural elements suffuse the paintings with enchantment and a touch of mystery. She talks about her medium of watercolor paints, pencils, and paper in her artist statement. “I also wanted to invoke a feeling of calm and harmony, and I feel like this is a bit of a reflection on the materials I used; watercolor is tricky, and you have to be calm and find harmony with your supplies when painting.”

Stop by the Clermont College Library and view Madison’s intriguing exhibit.

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager