From the Desk of…Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan, Library Operations Manager, UCBA Library.

Welcome to my own little nook of the UCBA Library! I’m clearly hard at work, but I’ll happily pause and give you a peek into my space.

From the Desk of … Michelle McKinney

I’m Michelle McKinney, Reference and Web Services Librarian for the UCBA Library. I’m usually behind the camera for the From the Desk Of… posts but it’s time for me to switch gears and welcome you to my office space. There’s no rhyme or reason to my set-up or decor. I like being surrounded by photos of family and friends. I’ve also started displaying a few of the gazillion art projects that my sons create. It’s not unusual to come across small toys that have accidentally ended up in my purse during our hectic mornings.

From the Desk of…Christian Boyles

Christian Boyles, Collection Services Manager, UCBA Library.

Welcome to my desk, I hope you like it.  Up until a few months ago, my space was pretty barren.  That all changed when a co-worker told me that I “needed more $h!t in my area.”  I hope I rose to the occasion.


From the Desk of…Lauren Wahman, Instruction Program Coordinator

The next stop on our tour of offices finds us at the doorstep of Lauren Wahman, Instruction Program Coordinator at UCBA Library.

From The Desk Of…Julie Robinson, UCBA Library Operations Manager

From the desk of Julie Robinson, UCBA’s Library Operations Manager. She has turned her cozy cubicle into a mini pop culture museum filled with the coolest items.

From the Desk of…Heather Maloney, UCBA Library Director

The latest edition of the From The Desk Of… series gives us a closer look into the office space of UCBA Library Director, Heather Maloney.



From The Desk Of….Kellie Tilton, UCBA Librarian

The UC Blue Ash Library is kicking off a new series called From The Desk Of… which gives you a chance to peer into our work spaces to see where the magic happens.

Instructional Technologies Librarian, Kellie Tilton has graciously opened her doors to share her workspace and favorite office items with us.