New PubMed Now Available

A new version of PubMed is now available by clicking on “Click here to try the New PubMed!” in the current version of PubMed.  The New PubMed will become the default in spring 2020 and will eventually replace the legacy version.

Be aware that once you click on the link to New PubMed it will become your default on that device or browser with a link to return to Legacy PubMed. 

The UC Libraries’ PubMed links that connect UC full text with PubMed references is not changing. 

The New PubMed design has a more consistent look and feel throughout and a responsive layout compatible with any screen size.  It includes the same features (though some are in different locations) and more.

A few of the New PubMed features include:

  • The ability to cite a reference in AMA, MLA, APA, or NLM format style and then copy or download that citation.
  • The reference abstract and full record view may include the article references, similar articles, and the PubMed Central articles that have cited that article
  • The ability to filter to references with ‘Associated Data’. These references include a link to other NLM or NCBI databases such as, GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus), or SRA (Sequence Read Archive) that include data to view and/or download.

For a quick preview and description of the New PubMed, see the NLM 2109 Technical Bulletin November-December article The New PubMed is Here.

The Health Sciences Library will be offering an introductory New PubMed workshop at the end of January 2020.  To register go to