Additions to ARB's Greek Life Exhibit

By Janice Schulz

Additions and updates have been made to ARB’s exhibit Going Greek: Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Cincinnati.

Omega Psi Phi pledges From Clifton Magazine, Autumn, 1981

Pledging traditions of African-American fraternities are highlighted in an article from the Autumn, 1981, edition of Clifton Magazine, now available on the 1980 and Beyond history page. During the anti-hazing controversies of the early 1980s, long-time pledging rituals practiced by Black fraternities, such as marching and branding, were brought into focus and their legality was questioned. Members defended these activities while outsiders tended to view them with a more critical eye. Continue reading Additions to ARB's Greek Life Exhibit

Raymond Walters Redux

By Kevin Grace

Former University of Cincinnati president Raymond Walters (1932-1955) has been on our minds recently because of UC naming changes.  In June, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of its branch campus, Raymond Walters College, to UC-Blue Ash in order to bring consistency to university branding and degree programs (UC-Clermont is the other branch campus).  However, as the university moves into a new era of semesters, admissions requirements, and academic challenges, its history isn’t forgotten as the Blue Ash campus will rename one of its major buildings to maintain its recognition of Walters.

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Theater on the River: The Showboat Majestic Records

By Suzanne Maggard

In 1967, the City of Cincinnati purchased an old showboat named the Majestic and docked it at Cincinnati’s Public Landing.  The city was in the process of attempting to revive its riverfront and thought the boat, which spoke to an earlier era of river travel, might be a perfect addition.  To keep the tradition of the showboat alive, the city leased this boat to the University of Cincinnati, and in the summer of 1968, UC theater students began performing on the Majestic. Continue reading Theater on the River: The Showboat Majestic Records

An Early Visit from President Williams

By Janice Schulz

Flyer for William's lectureWhile processing a new collection last week, I stumbled upon a flyer announcing that someone now very familiar to us was a guest speaker during African American History month in 1995 – our own President Gregory Williams. Then the dean of Ohio State University’s law school, President Williams came to UC on February 28 to talk about his autobiography, Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy who Discovered he was Black, and to do a book signing. The book was newly published at the time and it even landed President Williams on Oprah the week before his UC visit. Langsam, UC-Clermont and UC-Blue Ash Libraries all have copies of the book cataloged as KF373.W474 A3.

New Archival Collection: University College Business Technologies Department Records

French Hall
French Hall was the last home of University College.

By Janice Schulz

A new collection of records from the Business Technologies Department of the former University College has been processed and is now available for research in the Archives & Rare Books Library. The collection spans the years 1994-2007 and includes correspondence, meeting minutes, news and event records, scheduling documents, and syllabi.

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New Collection Documents Development of Medical Education

By Janice Schulz

Slide from a 2005 classroom presentation on respiratory issues

The Archives & Rare Books Library has completed processing a new twenty-box collection of records from the Raymond Walters College Department of Nursing and it is now available for research. Spanning the years 1969-2005, the collection provides important information for anyone studying the history of nursing training and evolving health care practices. Raymond Walters College’s Nursing Program has been in existence since the college opened in 1967; therefore the collection covers nearly the entire lifespan of the department. Continue reading New Collection Documents Development of Medical Education

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Makes a 1987 Guest Appearance at OCAS

By Janice Schulz

UC OMI College of Applied Science poster for Wozniak appearanceAs the Engineering and Applied Science merger comes to a conclusion, College of Engineering and Applied Science Library Director Ted Baldwin has presented the Archives with some interesting material from his offices at the former CAS Library. Recently we came across a reminder that an intriguing guest speaker was on the agenda for OCAS’s 1987 Technology Exposition. Steve Wozniak, who prefers to be addressed simply as “Woz,” co-founded Apple Computer Inc. in 1976 along with Steve Jobs. Woz was the engineering muscle behind the development of the Apple I and Apple II personal computers, released in 1976 and 1979 respectively. In 1981 a plane crash forced him to take time off from Apple and he decided to return to the University of California at Berkley to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science. (To divert attention away from himself, he enrolled under the name Rocky Raccoon Clark.)   He returned to Apple in 1983, but left again in 1985 to devote his attention to inventions and education. Continue reading Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Makes a 1987 Guest Appearance at OCAS

The Bearcat

By Janice Schulz

Have you looked at the Archives & Rare Books Library’s Bearcat exhibit lately? If not, you will want to check it out because we are continually adding new images and links to this evolving display of Bearcat memorabilia. The exhibit’s 70-plus images date back to 1914, when Leonard “Teddy” Baehr lent his name to what would become UC’s beloved mascot. Recent additions include the new Bearcat statue installed in 2010.   In addition to the images we have provided links to pages on Bearcat history and tradition as well as current news. (Remember the snowball arrest at last year’s Pitt game? – Yeah, we have the video!) Join us for a fun trip through the years with our Bearcat!

Leonard “Teddy” Baehr, the football star who lent his name to the Bearcat, 1914
Celebrating the NCAA championship, 1961
Bearcat Statue
The Bearcat statue installed in 2010

Researching Student Life at the Archives & Rare Books Library

1955 Cincinnatian yearbook
From the 1955 Cincinnatian

By Janice Schulz

While students enter college with the goal of gaining a formal education, a good bit of learning also occurs outside of the classroom. A university campus is in many ways like a self-contained community, providing students a place to live, study, work and socialize. Much of this lifestyle is student-driven, allowing students to build leadership, organizational, social and even political skills for use in life after university. At the same time, students react to and are affected by the wider world outside of the university.

The Archives and Rare Books Library has compiled a guide to its holdings that can be used to research student life at the University of Cincinnati. Research ideas are endless, but can include topics such as: Continue reading Researching Student Life at the Archives & Rare Books Library