Native American Heritage Month Collection Spotlight: We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell

This Collection Spotlight highlights titles in the the CECH Library’s Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children’s Literature. This special collection features children’s books with Native American themes, written and illustrated by Native American authors and artists.

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga / written by Traci Sorell ; artwork by Frané Lessac / 2018

We Are Grateful is a stunning picture book with vibrant illustrations that takes the reader through every season in the perspective of the Cherokee people. Focusing on the Cherokee word otsaliheliga which represents gratitude, we see all the ways that one might use it in their culture. Sorell provides the phonetic spelling of each Cherokee word, as well as a list of definitions and a syllabary at the end, providing a great introduction to the traditions and language.

Through the depictions of Cherokee food, games, and holidays, young children may explore gratefulness and what it means to be thankful in other cultures. This is a perfect read for Native American Heritage Month, and a great, modern introduction to the Cherokee culture, providing children a way to connect and learn more about the heritage.

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga is available from CECH Library, as well as the OhioLINK and Search Ohio lending networks.

Review by Alyssa Gruich, CECH Library Student Assistant | Political Science, A&S 2022

Introducing the CECH Anti-Racism Community Space

The CECH Anti-Racism Community Space (ARCS) is devoted to building an inclusive community within our college dedicated to anti-racism. Each month we’ll learn, engage, and listen to one another alongside experts from our community. ARCS is open to all members of the CECH community – students, staff, faculty and alumni — and is co-presented by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board and the CECH Library.

Join us via WebEx on Tuesday, November 10 at 3:30 p.m. for our inaugural meeting. Dr. Antar Tichavakunda, Assistant Professor of Education, will lead a discussion on critical race theory.

New Book Spotlight: Bloom by Kevin Panetta

image from graphic novel bloom by kevin panettaThe New Book Spotlight highlights new-to-us titles in the the UC College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) Library

Bloom / written by Kevin Panetta ; artwork by Savanna Ganucheau / 2019

In this contemporary graphic novel, Bloom tells the story of love, friendship, family, and baking. As Ari reaches the end of high school with dreams of moving to the city, he is eventually left working at his family’s bakery for the summer. When Hector ends up working there, the two develop a connection that spans friendship, love, and ultimately self discovery. Bloom perfectly captures that feeling of uncertainty with what the future holds along with these pivotal experiences that we have all felt and struggled with. A light yet impactful read, Bloom hits the exact mark of reality for that transitional period between leaving your teenage years and growing into adulthood. Panetta does not shy away from the real and natural road bumps of life; Bloom is an excellent coming-of-age novel with stunning illustrations.

Bloom is available from CECH Library,  as well as the OhioLINK, and Search Ohio lending networks.

Review by Alyssa Gruich, CECH Library Student Assistant | Political Science, A&S 2022

Online Options for Children’s Literature

Your CECH Library and local public libraries may be closed, but there are still several ways to access the children’s literature resources you need for classes, research, teaching, and learning — or simply keeping the kids in your life entertained! This blog post will feature a few key resources.

TumbleBook Library is an online collection of books. There are animated talking picture books, e-books, and informational videos. TumbleBook also offers games and quizzes. There are books in English, French, and Spanish. The site also features lists of books that meet specific Common Core Standards. TumbleBook Library can be accessed for free with your UC Login. Connect to TumbleBook Library

International Children’s Digital Library is a free collection of children’s books from all over the world. There are books in many different languages, including award winners. Connect to the International Children’s Digital Library

BookFlix is a resource provided through INFOhio. It pairs fiction and non-fiction picture books for themed lessons. Each lesson contains an animated read-along and an e-book as well as activities and additional information. It has books in English and Spanish, including classic favorites like Knuffle Bunny, Where the Wild Things Are, and Harold and the Purple Crayon. INFOhio login required for access. Email the CECH Library at for login info. Connect to BookFlix

A full list of online resources for children’s and young adult literature can be found on our Children’s and Young Adult Literature guide. Additional online resources may also be available from your local public library as well.

Haley Shaw, Temporary Librarian
CECH Library

Geography Spotlight in Children’s Literature: South America

Picture of display case filled with books and materials for children with South American themes

The CECH Library collections include many titles for children that dive into the history and culture of South America. In addition to books, there are also kits and maps that bring these topics to life!

Visit this display in the CECH Library through March and check out some of the titles on our list of books about South America.

Sara Polk, CECH Library Student Assistant
A&S Anthropology & Archaeology, 2020

Collection Spotlight: Language in Native American Children’s Literature

Image of the book Coyote and Little TurtleThe CECH Library’s Kretschmer Collection is home to many diverse subjects of Native American Children’s Literature, including native languages. There are books written in the Cherokee, Clallam, Hopi, Inuktitut, and Navajo languages for teaching and celebrating native languages with children. Titles include Haishą’ T’áá K’ad Dlǫ́ǫ́’ Silįį’? / Who Wants to Be a Prairie Dog?, a Navajo fairy tale written by Ann Nolan Clark, which is written in English and Navajo side-by-side; Iisaw Niqw Yöngösonhoya / Coyote and Little Turtle, a Hopi tale based on a story by Herschel Talashoema, edited by Emory Sekaquaptewa and Barbara Pepper, as well as illustrated by Hopi children, which presents the story with Hopi and English side-by-side and then gives lessons on translation; Otsaliheliga / We Are Grateful, by Traci Sorell, written in English with some Cherokee words given, along with their pronunciations; and Seya’s Song, by Ron Hirschi, written in English with some words of the Clallam language, native to the northwest, inserted into the story and explained at the end of the book in a glossary.

These books encourage readers to understand the importance of native languages and the pride associated with them. In every book, language is intricately tied with culture, tradition, beauty, and art. You can explore the many brilliant books of the Kretschmer Collection on the third floor of the CECH Library, located in 300 Teachers-Dyer Complex.

Sara Polk, CECH Library Student Assistant
A&S Anthropology & Archaeology, 2020

Mixed Materials Madness at CECH Library


Image collage of educational mixed materials

College basketball season is coming to a close, and the CECH Library has a new take on the classic March Madness tournament bracket — Mixed Materials Madness 2020! Each week in March some of our best mixed materials kits will face off in a head-to-head tournament to choose the year’s fan favorite. The winners of these match-ups will be determined weekly by popular vote of our library users. We encourage everyone to fill out a bracket AND to vote on their favorite mixed materials each week.

So what are mixed materials? Mixed materials are dynamic instructional materials, specifically curated to support a wide variety of PK-12 curricula. At CECH Library, mixed materials include kits, games, models, puppets, posters, and more. Mixed materials may be checked out by anyone at UC for a period of 3 weeks.

Stop by the information desk at the CECH Library to fill out and drop off your bracket by March 4th. If you select the winner, you’ll will be entered in a drawing to win a Starbucks gift card.

Your CECH Library Mixed Material Elite Eight


Haley Shaw, Temporary Librarian
CECH Library

Introducing the Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children’s Literature

three book covers

CECH Library is home to the Kretschmer Collection, an amalgamation of over 275 books about indigenous cultures written and/or illustrated by Native Americans. Collected by Professors Emeriti Richard and Laura Kretschmer, these books were graciously donated so that many could benefit from their powerful messages and thought-provoking stories. Fiction and non-fiction titles offer a variety of reading levels that can appeal to nearly every age group.

The collection, with its range of subjects and levels, serves to encourage learning about native cultures among our community. As education is among the best ways to combat prejudice and inequality, the collection and its themes can contribute to broadening the perspectives of communities locally and across the United States. Themes present in these books include language, family, nature, folklore, prehistory, and resilience.

You can explore the many brilliant books of the Kretschmer Collection on the third floor of the CECH Library, located in the Teachers-Dyer Complex 300.

Sara Polk, CECH Library Student Assistant
A&S Anthropology & Archaeology, 2020

Celebrating Black Authors and Illustrators at CECH Library

images of black authors and illustrators with text celebrating black authors and illustrators


In honor of Black History Month, the CECH Library has curated a display from our children’s and young adult literature collections to highlight the works of Black authors and illustrators. The display includes poetry, novels, picture books, graphic novels, and board books.

From recently published to classics, everyone is sure to connect with something new. The display also features titles from our professional education collection related to promoting the works of Black authors in the classroom.

Visit the display at the CECH Library through February or check out a list of these selected works to learn more.

Haley Shaw, Temporary Librarian
CECH Library

And The Winner Is… Celebrate Award-Winning Children’s Books!

display of award winning children's booksJust like films, television, and music, the best books of the year garner accolades and awards. Each January, at the American Library Association’s  Mid-Winter Conference, several of the most prestigious children’s book award winners are announced. Prepare for the 2020 award season by exploring some previous award winners from the CECH Library’s collections.

Visit the display at the CECH Library through January and check out some of the titles on our list of selected award winners.

Haley Shaw, Temporary Librarian
CECH Library