New Book Chapter from UC Clermont Librarian

UC Clermont’s newest librarian, Kathy Ladell, has published a new book chapter:

Ladell, K., Chernaik, A.G., Craig, A., Nelson, E., Shelly, A., & Swatscheno, J. (2020). Open Illinois: Supporting educational resources as a consortium. In D. Chase & D. Haugh (Ed.), Open praxis, open access: Digital scholarship in action (pp. 195-208). ALA Editions.

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De-stress at Clermont College Library

Mid-terms coming up? Papers due? Life getting crazy? Take some time and stop by the Clermont College Library to de-stress. We have coloring sheets and colored pencils set up just for you.


According to the periodical Healthy Years, coloring:

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Helps your brain to focuscoloring-page2
  • Centers you in the present
  • Develops creativity

All pluses for the busy student.


How about it? Drop in, grab a page and some pencils and have fun!


Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager


“Color Between The Lines.” Healthy Years 12.10 (2015): 4. Consumer Health                     Complete – EBSCOhost. Web. 28 Sept. 2016.

The Jewish Hospital & Cincinnati Jews in Medicine

Clermont College Library is happy to add the newly released The Jewish Hospital & Cincinnati Jews in Medicinefred's book. The author, Dr. Frederic Krome, earned his PhD in history from the University of Cincinnati in 1992. He’s taught at UC Clermont since 2007. As Fred moves through the history of the hospital and physicians, he highlights several breakthroughs Jewish health professionals accomplished, including Dr. Albert Sabin and his work on the polio vaccine.

In my memories of Jewish Hospital, I recall the doctors and nurses giving excellent care to my own family members. I think you’ll enjoy Fred’s recollection of this vital part of Cincinnati history.

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager