Join the UC Libraries R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Team for a full roster of programs in April

The University of Cincinnati Libraries RESPECT (Racial Equity Support Programming to Educate the Community Team) has as its charge to use library resources to expand programming and resources that provide library users with the tools to understand systemic racism in order to begin dismantling it. Upcoming, RESPECT is sponsoring three events that are free and open to all to attend.

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Preventing Systemic Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities:  How You Can Initiate the First Steps

When/Where: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Tues., April 9 and Wed., April 10, Room 462 Walter C. Langsam Library

Join UC Libraries for two workshops aimed at educating and promoting change and empathy related to the systemic discrimination of persons with disabilities – “Preventing Systemic Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities: How You Can Initiate the First Steps.” Matthew Sauer, assistant director of accessibility resources at UC Clermont College, will facilitate hands-on activities and develop individual stories to give attendees a foundation in the systematic discrimination of persons with disabilities and challenge them to determine what transformations and next steps they will take for themselves. The result of the workshops will be to envision a strategy for building a culture of inclusion at the university and in UC Libraries with the hope that the feedback from these sessions will lead to annual events regarding the impact of eliminating systemic intolerance in favor of equity. 

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Stairs-free Access to CCM Library–Directions

While the elevator not working, library patrons may be interested in knowing if there is an alternative way of reaching the CCM Library from CCM without having to negotiate flights of stairs or steep inclines. Here is a tested route (printable pdf):

  • In CCM, on level 3, go to the elevator opposite the Bauer Room. (From the Atrium, go left of the Box Office, then right down the corridor. The elevator is a short way down on the right).
  • Take the elevator to the P3 level of the CCM Garage and enter the garage.
  • Turn left and leave the CCM Garage via the small single-lane entrance. Go across Backstage Drive to the dropped-curb path opposite.
  • Either take the steps up to the door into the Dyer’s Complex (CECH) or over to the left there is a ramp leading up to that door. Entering Dyer’s Complex, you will be on level 1.
  • Go straight down the hallway until you come to elevators on your left. Take the elevator up to level 4.
  • Leaving the elevator, turn left and go to the end of the hallway. Either take the half-flight of steps down or take the elevator found over to the right down to level 4L.
    (NB: the elevator can be slow).
  • Exit the Dyer’s Complex through the exit on the left and go toward Blegen Library.
  • Turn left up the ramp to enter Blegen Library on the 4th floor.
  • When you enter Blegen, you will see the Classics Department office directly in front of you. Go across the lobby, then to the left of the office and around to the right behind it, where you find a short corridor. (At the entrance to this corridor, a sign points to the Archives and Rare Books Library.) Blegen’s south elevator is at the end of this corridor.

Call the CCM Library Circulation Desk (513-556-1966). A student working at the Desk will come down the south elevator and give you access to the CCM Library on the 6th floor