Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall is back!

Berlin Philharmonic logoAccess to Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall is restored.  UC patrons now have two options: “Direct Access” or to “Login” by creating a personal account that will enable additional features like playlists and email notifications. BOTH OPTIONS WORK for UC patrons.  Please contact Jenny Doctor ( or Paul Cauthen ( with any questions or comments.

Oxford Music Online interface has changed

No. You are not suffering from sleep deprivation or over-study. As of Dec. 7, the Oxford Music Online interface has changed. First observation: works lists are integrated into the main article (no more “works” tab). To navigate to a works list, use the outline in the left column. It is going to take time for all of us to adjust. If there is something you are sure must be there, but you simply cannot find now, please contact one of the music librarians, and we will do our best to assist: Jenny Doctor: or Paul Cauthen:

Trial: Anatomy & Physiology Online


Explore this free trial for Anatomy & Physiology Online!  This online resource is accessible 24/7 and

includes all a student needs to know and learn for a 2 semester Anatomy & Physiology course.  Narrated animations show physiological processes in a memorable way and interactive 3D models can be rotated, layers added and removed, and structures labeled.

Additional Anatomy & Physiology Online features include: Continue reading