New University Archives Collection Documents Implementation of UC's Master Plan

By Janice Schulz

There have been many times in the past thirty years when the campus community swore that “UC” actually stood for “Under Construction.” Indeed, since the Campus Master Plan was developed in 1991 with the planning assistance of San Francisco design firm Hargreaves Associates, we have been dodging orange cones, construction tape, and dirt piles in the quest for a campus that would enhance the educational value of the University.

The UC unit responsible for carrying out the Master Plan and for managing the physical environment of the University is the office of Planning+Design+Construction. Headed by the University Architect, Planning+Design+Construction handles capital and renovation projects, space management, environmental graphics, sustainability, real estate, and construction for all UC campuses. Continue reading New University Archives Collection Documents Implementation of UC's Master Plan

ARB Adds to Nancy Zimpher Collection

Written by Janice Schulz

The Archives and Rare Books Library has added nine boxes of speeches covering the years 2003-2009 to its collection of Nancy Zimpher papers.  An inventory for the addition, accessioned as UA-11-01, can be found on the ARB website.  An OhioLINK finding aid is forthcoming.

ARB holds three additional collections of Zimpher’s papers: UA-06-07 includes papers and correspondence for the year 2006; UA-09-24 includes calendars from 2003-2009; and UA-10-01 includes speeches covering 2004-2007 as well as publications. Inventories and OhioLINK finding aids for all three collections can be found on ARB’s University Archives Collection Records page.

New eBooks Now Available!

New Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health ebooks are now available!   Almost 100 new ebooks have been added to the Health Sciences Library’s ebook collection.  Check out the ebooks via the online collections R2 Digital Library and MD Consult .   In each collection you have the ability to search the entire collection or go directly to a title to browse the contents.

If you’re off campus, log into the proxy server or the VPN at , then click on the eBooks link from the menu on the left.  On the eBooks page, at the top of the page, click on either MD Consult (direct link) or R2 Digital Library to go directly to the collections.

Here’s a short sample list of some of the new ebooks:

Medical Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical Audiology: An Introduction

Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management

Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice

Ansel’s Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems

Patient Assessment in Pharmacy Practice

Jones: Netters Neurology–TOP&uniq=230353056-8

Rutherford: Vascular Surgery–TOP&uniq=230353056-8

Plotkin: Vaccines–TOP&uniq=230353056-8

Yanoff: Ocular Pathology–TOP&uniq=230353056-8

You will be able to link to the individual titles in the Library Catalog or from the library’s eBook page in the near future.

Questions?  Please contact Edith Starbuck at 558-1433 or

Dinosaur Sculpture Looms Large in Langsam Library

Langsam Library is the new home for Triceracopter – an impressive half triceratops, half helicopter 30-foot sculpture.

Created in 1977 by artist Patricia A. Renick to commemorate the U.S. Bicentennial, Triceracopter: The Hope for the Obsolescence of War combines the form of a triceratops dinosaur with an Army OH6A Cayuse combat helicopter flown in Vietnam. Although a triceratops and a helicopter are unlikely candidates for a single sculpture, the artist has combined them to invite wonder and nudge reflective thinking.

Continue reading Dinosaur Sculpture Looms Large in Langsam Library

New German-Americana at ARB: The Robert E. Cazden Collection

Der Weg zum Glueck Roman aus dem Leben - pamphlet coverCurrently in process at the Archives and Rare Books Library are the papers of Robert E. Cazden, Professor Emeritus of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Kentucky.  Cazden was a scholar of printing, publishing, and the German-American book trade, and his papers focus largely on the research he conducted for his books including  German Exile Literature in America 1933-1950: A History of the Free German Press and Book Trade (1970) and Social History of the German Book Trade in America to the Civil War (1984). Continue reading New German-Americana at ARB: The Robert E. Cazden Collection

New System for Requesting Articles and Books

The Health Sciences Library has moved to a new system (Illiad) for requesting articles and books.  To access the system, look for the Request Article/Books link on the left side of the Health Sciences Library’s web page (   Use your UC central login credentials to access the system.  Once you log into the Illiad system for the first time, you will be prompted to complete a profile.  You will only need to complete the profile one time. Illiad will store the information for use on all future requests.

If you have any questions about this or experience any problems, please contact Lorna Newman, Head of Interlibrary Loan Services and Government Documents ( or x61885) or Gerry Wagner, HSL Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery ( or x88389).

Introducing Images, a New Database of Images in Biomedical Literature from the National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)  introduces Images, a new resource of images in Biomedical Literature.    This collection of more than 2.5 million images and figures are from medical and life sciences journals contained in NCBI’s PubMed Central full-text digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

The Images database is expected to have a wide range of uses for a variety of user groups. These include the clinician looking for the visual representation of a disease or condition, the researcher searching for studies with certain types of analyses, the student seeking diagrams that elucidate complex processes such as DNA replication, the professional or educator looking for an image for a presentation, and the patient wanting to better understand his disease.

The Images database is available at <>.  There is also a link to it on the Health Sciences Library “Online Images” page at

See the NIH News Release at

RefWorks Adds RefShare, a New Sharing Model

RefWorks is a web based personal bibliographic management service that enables users to electronically collect, manage, and organize bibliographic information and full-text articles.   RefWorks also facilitates the research report and manuscript composition process by automatically creating in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in nearly 2000 different output styles.  In short, RefWorks can save countless hours of time spent on resources management and manuscript or report production.

Provided by the University of Cincinnati Libraries, RefWorks has been available for all UC students, faculty and staff since 2004.  RefWorks has become a very popular research tool for UC scholars of all levels and disciplines.   More than 4,000 RefWorks accounts have been created at UC, and approximately 80 new accounts are created every month.

Beginning this fall, University of Cincinnati’s RefWorks users will have access to RefShare, a collaborative research module that provides RefWorks users with the ability to share their RefWorks personal database (or any part of it) with anyone in the world who has Internet access.   By simply posting a RefShare link in an email message, in Blackboard or on a web page the intended audience — e.g., an individual, a class or anyone viewing the web page — can view, print or export references from a personal RefWorks database.  Additionally, because the RefShare link points to a folder in a dynamic RefWorks database, the references are as current as the database.

Set up a RefWorks account to explore the possibilities for increasing your productivity and reducing some of the stress in your academic life.   For more information about RefWorks, see the contact information or web sites listed below.

RefWorks Web Sites

UC — East campus RefWorks site:

UC — West campus RefWorks site:

RefWorks site:


Classroom Instruction:

General RefWorks tutorials:

RefShare tutorial:


East campus:   Edith Starbuck (

West campus: Randall Roberts (

Summer 2010 Acquisitions in the University Archives

The following collections were acquired by the University Archives through the University Records Management Program.  Each collection has been inventoried as is available for use by researchers.

College of Business Graduation Recognition Ceremonies, UA-10-13

Graduation ceremony records, including videos of ceremonies, 1993-2006

Public Relations Newspaper Clippings and Subject Files, UA-10-14

Newspaper clippings from Enquirer & Post, writers’ subject files, 2007-2008

Resident Education and Development (RED), UA-10-15

Correspondence, committee files, minutes, and reports, 2003-2005

– Written by Janice Schulz