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PubMed changed its look and user experience earlier this Spring. While it still offers the same great search features – it is quite a bit different. To learn about the new features, check out the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s (NNLM) Tutorials and Recordings for PubMed. There you will find quick video tours, PowerPoint presentations, and even classes.

Still have questions about the New PubMed?  Contact the Health Sciences Library for additional assistance. We can provide answers, workshops, as well as PubMed instruction for your course. 




Health Sciences Library – Frequently Asked Questions about Access

We want your access to and interaction with resources at the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library (HSL) to go as smoothly as possible.  The following tutorials and Guides address some of the most frequently asked questions about access.



Need additional assistance?

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  • HSL IT Support: 513-558-4173
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Trial OpenHelix Bioinformatics and Genomics Training


Trial OpenHelix Bioinformatics and Genomics Training

Trial available until September 6th

In our current genomics era, it is ever more critical to access and analyze the vast amounts of data available to the researcher and scientist. However, it is a daunting task to learn how to use the databases and tools that are used to store and analyze genomics and genomics related data.

To help faculty, staff and students quickly learn to use these resources, OpenHelix ( has created over 100 tutorial suites on critical databases and tools.

University of Cincinnati has the opportunity to evaluate the OpenHelix bioinformatics and genomics tutorial suites.

The tutorial suites include an introductory online narrated tutorials, which run in just about any browser, can be viewed from beginning to end or navigated using chapters and forward and backward sliders.

In addition to the tutorials, you also receive useful training materials including the animated PowerPoint slides used as a basis for the tutorial, suggested script for the slides, slide handouts, and exercises. You can save time and effort by using these to create classroom content. Check out the quick reference card available for more information!

To visit OpenHelix, login to Off Campus Access. Then visit and you will have access to all the features and functions of OpenHelix. You will know you are in the trial if the upper right hand corner says “Welcome University of Cincinnati, Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library users”. Please let us know what you think by filling out the survey available at

If you have any difficulty or have questions and comments, contact Kristen Burgess at or by phone at 513-558-3071.

Explore the HSL Subject Guides

Find research help, subject specific resources, and more in the Health Sciences Library (HSL) Subject Guides.  These guides put together by HSL librarians to help you find the resources and information you need.

Included in these guides:

Find the HSL Subject Guides on the HSL home page under Express Links.   Click on Subject Guides to explore the wealth of information and resources that are available to assist you with your studies, your research, and your access.  Other guides will be added as they are developed.

Questions and suggestions are welcome.  Contact Edith Starbuck at or 558-1433.

New UCBA Library Guides/Tutorials Web page

The new UCBA Library Guides & Tutorials web page is now available at  This web page provides a basic starting point for research on any topic.

cg home

UCBA Subject Guides: Use this web page to find guides based on these characteristics:

  • Special Topics: guides that cover a specific topic or issue
  • How To Do Research: guides cover a variety of research tips and strategies
  • Faculty Guides: guides for UCBA faculty members
  • Tutorials: Online web videos give step-by-step directions on how to use a variety of research tools.

You can also use the search box to search for any UCBA Library guides.

This is the final step in the CampusGuide transition of subject and class guides that began during the 2011-2012 academic year.

The Guides/Tutorials link on the UCBA Library homepage has been updated to point to this new page. Please be sure update your bookmarks if you frequent this web page.


Check Out HSL Tutorials on YouTube and CampusGuides!

The University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Library has a YouTube page for our customized instruction videos.

Subscribe to our channel today for updates on new tutorials!

Tutorials include:

  • UC HSL Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Registration
  • Access UC HSL Resources from Off-Campus
  • Access eBooks at the UC HSL
  • Retrieve Full Text Articles Not Available at UC

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