Winners of the Clermont College Library’s 6th Annual Haiku Contest

Clermont College Library received 73 exceptional haiku entries from 31 students this year.

First place winner, Treva Noakes-Miller, won a $50 gift card and all winners will be published in the East Fork, Clermont’s online literary journal.


1st Place

Our footsteps were wild

Untamed, sporadic. Underneath,

The grass breathed heavy

Treva Noakes-Miller


2nd Place

Humid air I choke,

The swelter of summer mist,

I cough up rain clouds.

Julia Wahle


3rd Place

I have never seen

ever more than one heron,

is it the same one?

Benjamin Ward


Honorable Mentions


Buy the neighbors land,

you go to take down the fence,

a tree grows through it

Benjamin Ward


They found the perfect soldier,

I could’ve followed them to hell and back,

and maybe I did.

McKenzie Bracco


In the dead of night

She suffered and was born dead

Through love she breathed

Christine Campbell


That night he held me

Fireflies were candlelight

And my ribs, a cage

Treva Noakes-Miller


Wrinkled sky, ripped clouds

Creases where you leaned in, drowned.

Ripples without sound

Treva Noakes-Miller


My art is something

raised by howling packs of wolves

drawing little lambs.

Jillian Cofskey

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager

Author J.D. Vance Coming to Clermont

Author J.D. Vance will be speaking at UC Clermont in Krueger Auditorium on Friday, May 19 at 7pm about his #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Hillbilly Elegy.

This special event is sponsored by Clermont County Public Library and is free and open to the public. No RSVP required.

Mr. Vance writes about his Appalachian, working-class roots and his personal journey – from Middletown, Ohio to the Marines to Yale Law School.  The Wall Street Journal calls Hillbilly Elegy “a beautiful memoir but it is equally a work of cultural criticism about white working-class America….[Vance] offers a compelling explanation for why it’s so hard for someone who grew up the way he did to make it…a riveting book.”

No RSVP is required for Vance’s 7pm speaking engagement, but seating is first-come, first served.

Katie Foran Mulcahy
Library Director

Rebecca Morgan Frank to Visit Clermont College

On Thursday, April 6, Rebecca Morgan Frank, our National Poetry Month guest, will share about her journey as a poet. Join her for a Q & A from 9:30am-10:30am in Snyder 142, followed by a poetry workshop from 11am-noon, also in Snyder 142.

Later in the afternoon from 2pm-3pm, Clermont College Library will host a reading, signing, and reception with Dr. Frank. Thanks to Professor Phoebe Reeves and the ELF Department for organizing this great event.


We’re excited to celebrate poetry month in April. Please join us for all of the activities.

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager

Want to Haiku at Clermont?

In honor of National Poetry Month, the Clermont College Library is sponsoring its 6th Annual Haiku Contest.

You must be a Clermont College student to participate. Write up to 3 haiku and submit them for a chance to win a $50 gift card.  Professors Phoebe Reeves and Cassie Fetters will serve as our judges.

Read the complete contest guidelines:

Submit haiku here: Haiku submissions

The entry deadline is April 12th.

Go forth and haiku!

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager

Irish Writers and Culture

Q: What do Oscar Wilde, Bono, and St. Patrick have in common?

A: They’re all Irish!

Check out your Clermont College Library for all things Irish, including books by Irish writers, plus books and videos (and streaming-specific video) about Ireland. If we don’t have what you need, we can find it for you. Click the authors’ names below for a listing of UC Libraries holdings.


Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849

Gregory, Lady, 1852 1932

Joyce, James, 1882-1941

Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989

Heaney, Seamus, 1939-2013

Stoker, Bram, 1847-1912

Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745

Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900

Yeats, William Butler, 1865-1939


Katie Foran-Mulcahy
Library Director

Freedom of Information Day

Did you know that March 16th, Freedom of Information Day, is also the birthday of U.S. President James Madison?  That’s no accident, as Madison was famously known for his advocacy of transparency in government.

In addition to the Federal Library Depository Program, various internet-based portals exist to promote access to government information.  Federal Digital System (FDSys) provides access to official publications from all three branches of the federal government. The site will migrate soon to GovInfo, now in beta release. Great reading here – from congressional reports to presidential papers to recent bills.

Freedom of Information Day represents an idea that has always been integral to libraries – open access for all.  What are you doing with your freedom?


Katie Foran-Mulcahy
Director, UC Clemront College Library

Watercolor at Clermont

Do you enjoy painting? Need some down time between classes?

Stop by Clermont College Library and try your hand at watercolor painting. We have all the supplies set up and waiting for you.

We also have books on watercolor you may want to check out:

The Watercolor Book: Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist

Water Color: Paintings by Contemporary Artists

Getting Started in Watercolor

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager

For the Love of the Library — Thank You!


The Clermont College Library hosted a special event, For the Love of the Library, on Thursday, February 9th.  The purpose of this event was to highlight the 1st floor renovations made possible by our donors and share plans for student-centered improvements to our library’s 2nd floor.


Thanks to all who celebrated with us from our community, UC’s Clifton campus, UC Libraries, and UC Clermont.

Katie Foran-Mulcahy
Library Director

Student Art Spotlight: The Notable Nine

This spring, Professor Kim Taylor worked with library staff to bring art into the library from nine Clermont College students and one part-time English faculty.  Relocating our information desk in December also provided the opportunity to relocate student art — and double our display area!  You’ll love the results.

Haley Dennison: Haley
Nicholas Dereshkevich: Untitled
Abigale Morris: Adam
Hailey McManus: Brave
Treva Noakes-Miller: Bloom and Dream
Elizabeth Sowders: Untitled
Riley Stickney: Untitled
Bernadette Terrell: Cakes and Untitled
Julia Wahle: They Is and Homey

Amy Abafo: Rice PaddyAdventure Bound, and Baggage (faculty submission)


Keep reading, writing, and learning,

Katie Foran-Mulcahy

Library Director

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