Procrastination? Trouble finding just what you need? We have a book for that!

During the Information Literacy Awareness Month we used chalkboards in Langsam to learn more about our patrons and how they use the library and information sources. A couple of weeks ago we asked you to tell us what your biggest challenge is when doing research.

We got a variety of responses ranging from difficulty getting organized and pulling yourself away from Facebook or Pinterest to problems related to putting the results on paper and getting the research findings published.


To help our patrons to address some of these problems we put together a virtual exhibit Tips for Effective and Efficient Library Research. The exhibit features current e-books and print books from the UC Libraries’ collections related to various aspects of library research projects, from finding and evaluating sources to presenting your research results and getting them published. It also includes resources on successful management of your research projects.

While the books on finding sources are targeted primarily to undergraduates, books in other categories might be useful to broader audiences, including graduate and doctoral students and faculty.

We hope to expand this exhibit in the future by adding more online resources in a variety of formats. Please help us by using the Comments link to to share tutotials, books, and websites that helped you to improve your research skills. Let us know what libraries can do to help you to find, evaluate, and use information more effectively.

Discover Experimental Techniques: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE)

Journal of Visualized Experiments

Through a shared subscription of the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library and Health Sciences Library, UC researchers now have have access to the online Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE).  JOVE consists of “video articles” that capture biological, medical, chemical, and physical research and experimental techniques.

Our subscription includes 3 sections:

Continue reading Discover Experimental Techniques: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE)

Travel Writings in the Archives and Rare Books Library

By Janice Schulz

Among the strengths in our Rare Books collection is our diverse assortment of travel writings ranging from the reports of explorers to stories of leisure travel. Travel writings can offer unique perspectives to historical research about a region, providing accounts of outsiders without local views, agendas, and prejudices. They can also be valuable for comparative histories, showing change over time and varying cultural viewpoints. Among the many research areas that travel writings can support are social, ethnographic, geological, botanical, and architectural issues. Continue reading Travel Writings in the Archives and Rare Books Library

Celebrating the Theodore M. Berry Project

By Kevin Grace

Theodore Berry     Yesterday evening a special event celebrated the processing of the Theodore M. Berry Papers.  Hosted by the Office of the President, UC Libraries, UC College of Law, UC Alumni Association, and the UC Foundation, the gathering attracted over a hundred people to recognize the outstanding contributions of civil rights leader Berry to his alma mater, his community and his nation.   Theodore “Ted” Berry (1905-2000) was the first African American mayor in Cincinnati, served the Lyndon Baines Johnson presidential administration in civil rights programs, and was an active attorney for the NAACP.  The Berry papers, acquired by the UC Libraries many years ago, were able to be fully processed through a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the National Archives.  The materials are now available for research and teaching. Continue reading Celebrating the Theodore M. Berry Project

CampusGuides: Taking Research Guides to the Next Level

The UC Blue Ash Library, in conjunction with UC Libraries, is transitioning the subject and class guides to a more user-friendly, robust CampusGuides interface during the 2011-2012 academic year. CampusGuides incorporate search boxes, RSS Feeds, embedded media, surveys and can be easily accessed on mobile devices. See the UCBA Psychology guide for an example of a new and improved guide. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions in order to make these guides as useful as possible for our users.  Continue reading CampusGuides: Taking Research Guides to the Next Level